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coma will

Sep. 12th, 2016 07:19 pm
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In Tiffany's bedside table, the following handwritten note can be found:


If I, TIFFANY DOGGETT, go into a coma, put me in my cabin or in the infirmary please. Obey the following rules:

Visitors are allowed
Petting Johnny is allowed (the rabbit)
Drawing on me is allowed but only with washable marker
Using my kitchen and bathroom is allowed
Don't go in the spare bedroom

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World info: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies canon

Character info: Tiffany Solomons grew up somewhat idyllically as the oldest child and only daughter of a wealthy, close-knit family. She's happy with her status as a proper lady, but still has her tomboyish moments that she - with the support of her parents - refuses to give up; when she isn't enjoying herself at balls or socializing with the women at tea parties, she can sometimes be found wearing pants and exploring the forest near her family's estate. During her early twenties, her family uprooted and moved south to the small village of Redimere after her mother became infected by the zombie virus (and managed to hide it from everyone in the family except for her lady's maid).

Significant CR:
Alfie Solomons (Alfie Solmons/[personal profile] butcherbaker): Father
Gareth "Eggsy" Solomons (Eggsy Unwin/[personal profile] formerself): Younger brother by two years
Gene Solomons (Eugene Sledge/[personal profile] withtheoldbreed): Younger brother by four years
Rey (Rey/[personal profile] garbagepilot): Family servant, close friend, and sister in spirit
Theodosia Solomons (T'Pol/[personal profile] maytakecenturies): Mother

Game-wide plotting post here.
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   - They could try to make deals to hurt people, but if this is a problem it's a problem with wardens right now because I don't think there's anything stopping them from doing this.
   - They could try to make deals to destroy the Barge instead of fixing it. I'm worried about this a lot.
   - We could say a deal has to be approved by some neutral people before somebody can ask for it, but I don't like that idea much and I don't know how anybody could enforce it anyway.

   - If everybody came here by choice we wouldn't have wardens and inmates anymore but I don't think that's a problem. The Admiral could still pair us like he does right now, but instead of a warden and an inmate it would be a person and a person. Everybody would get the same privileges. When the Admiral was out of commission a lot of people got extra powers and privileges including inmates, and nothing terrible happened. We could get rid of files, or maybe everybody would get their own file and they would choose who gets to see it. Graduation could stay the same, because it already seems like it means something different for everybody. Even people who are wardens right now can still learn and change and grow and it's not like we don't already have a lot of messed up wardens. If somebody's life is so perfect that they don't need help with ANYTHING they wouldn't choose to come here anyway and it wouldn't be a problem.
   - Last time I talked about this somebody said that some people need more help than other people, and some people aren't in a good enough place to be able to help other people. He said what would happen if two people who need more help than they can give got paired? But I think if the Admiral does one thing right, it's permanent pairings. I don't trust him with most other things but I trust him to put people who are good for each other together.
   - That same guy also said some people can't get helped unless somebody else has power over them. I think that's bullshit. Sorry, I don't have anything else to say about that.
   - Some of the people who left would probably be people who would go home to do a lot of killing and destruction. Lots of people are going to have a big problem with that. We have a lot of superheroes who would probably chase them down. Some people are going to say they're not our problem, they're their world's problem, and other people are going to say we have a responsibility to keep them here away from trouble now that we have them.
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World info: Steampunk wild west

Character info: T. Doggett (she only ever goes by her first initial) is a mustang-roping, crossdressing wild thing who is more at home on horseback than anywhere else. She's not exactly secretive, but she doesn't like to dwell on the past, so her background is something of a mystery to most people. She appears to have no family, and supports herself by doing odd jobs at various stables. She rebels against gender roles simply because she doesn't care about them - she occasionally disguises herself as a man, but only because she's tired of being thrown out of saloons when she doesn't.

Significant CR:
Lord Thomas Hinchcliffe von Wer (The Fourth Doctor/[personal profile] swiveleyed): Close friend who shows her cool sciencey stuff

Game-wide info post here.
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World info: Jurassic Park canon

Character info: Tiffany Stilinski and her twin brother Stiles were raised by relatives after the death of their parents. She was always something of a rebel, and after barely finishing high school, she hitchhiked around the country doing odd jobs for a while before somehow managing to get herself hired by RenGen as a maintenance worker for their new dinosaur park. Somewhere along the line, her friendliness and desire to interact more with the guests led her to be reassigned as a safari Jeep driver. She's a relatively responsible worker, if a bit unorthodox, and is extremely pro-RenGen.

Significant CR:
Stiles Stilinski (Stiles Stilinski/[personal profile] voluntaryapnea): Twin brother

Game-wide info post here.
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Hey, y'all. I been thinking about some stuff lately - about powers. I don't have any and I never did, except for Admiral powers and except for one time when I thought I had some of my own - but that's another story.

They're just kinda all over the place here, I noticed. Arthas had his, and he tried to kill the whole Barge. And I know wardens hurt people with their powers sometimes. I've seen it. And we got inmates who don't have any powers at all, but still hurt and kill people. It's like I was telling someone earlier - it ain't like the Barge is safe when inmates have powers, and dangerous when they don't. It's a lot more complicated than that.

I got two inmates I been talking to, Lourdes and Pietro - and they want their powers back 'cause they don't feel right and whole without 'em. And I don't blame 'em, if I'm gonna be real honest. I maybe would have, before I was a warden, but now I got a different perspective. We're letting parts of people be locked away, and how's anyone supposed to trust us if we do that and don't care?

But maybe it ain't right to just give 'em back without thinking about it, neither - 'cause some of the powers are dangerous, and all of us'd be affected if something happened. So we decided that since they don't got wardens of their own, we're gonna talk to the whole Barge about it and see if any of y'all got objections. Or-- or questions or concerns. Stuff like that.

Pietro's got super speed, and super senses so he can see things okay when he's using his super speed. Lourdes can control people's bodies, and their minds, and even the chemicals inside 'em. Now, that's a whole fucking lot - so she's mostly what I wanna talk about today, I guess. We got Iris and Jean and all those guys who can protect people from stuff like that, but it can still be dangerous. So we're asking you.

Everybody gets a say.

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[Tiffany - looking worn out, but generally fine - is curled up on her couch as she addresses the network today.]

Me and Lourdes were stuck in the Enclosure, and I guess it was for longer than it felt like it was, 'cause there's four days of rabbit shit all over my room and people are saying it's Saturday. But we're okay. It was-- we're okay. I couldn't've done it without her.

Hey. You guys seeing these ghosty things walking around? They barged right in and started grabbing at me when I tried to wish my room clean. Are they part of the flood? Or... or whatever this is.

[She rubs a hand over her face.]

You think they'd mind if we tried to steer the ship again? Let's try it out. Let's all imagine a port with a lot of bars, filled with guys that really wanna get laid. Don't say "that was Paris"; I was still getting laid in Paris.


Nah, I'm just kidding; don't wish for a new port or nothing. It's a bad idea, trust me; those things are creepy. I'm too fucking tired to deal with 'em. And I'm worried about the rest of y'all, so check in. Especially if you're still missing - Letty was making broadcasts, so I know some of you can get on.

filtered to Lourdes )

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[After a long rest, Tiffany ventures out of her room and heads out to one of her favorite haunts - the deck. Or that's the plan, anyway. The second she steps onto it she feels the wrongness, the precariousness, the sense that the ship's gravity is going to fail at any moment. She lets out a yell of surprise and throws herself back onto the ship, slamming the door behind her.

It's going to be a long, long time before she feels comfortable enough to go back out there again.]
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[After Mason leaves, Tiffany is sorting through a lot of feelings, but is calm and composed as she addresses the network. Her voice sounds a little bit more rough and hoarse than usual, but that's it. She has some stuff to say - both about Mason, and (belatedly) about her warden.]

I'm glad we picked Paris. Thank you. I'm sad Merlin missed it, but I got to spend a lot of time with Mason before he left, and that was a real good place to do it in.

[Indeed, Mason had been one of the people she'd spent the most time with - Barge residents could easily have spotted the two of them running around the city like idiots, holding hands in the streets and stealing kisses in quiet corners.

They could also have seen Tiffany sitting alone, looking melancholy and keenly feeling the absence of Merlin's company.]

You know, they were good guys, Merlin and Mason. I got a lot of warden friends who I love very much, but I think Merlin was the best one to have been my own warden, and I would never have wanted to trade him away. We were real perfect together; we were two peas in a pod. I know my graduating's got a lot to do with me, but I never would've done it so fast without him. And Mason... Mason was like no guy I have ever been with before. Guys from where I'm from don't treat me bad, but Mason was sweet and charming and romantic and I might never have that again, so I'm glad I got to have that experience here. He was a good experience. Both of 'em were good experiences. And I don't regret either of 'em; not for a single second. It's real easy for me to love people, when they treat me right - and they did. They did.

[She clears her throat abruptly, like she's trying to get rid of a cough; she's starting to get teary and it shows in her voice, so she decides to just end it there.]

Okay, I'm done; that's all I got to say.

[Click. She won't completely fall apart or try to isolate herself, but she'll be walking around in a fog for a little bit, and will spend more time than usual holed up in her room. And later some filters are added, one after the other, with a few hours separating them.]

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telepathic message to Jean )


[Tiffany will continue to show up to everything she's supposed to, including meals in the dining hall (sometimes she sits alone, other times she spots a friendly face and joins them) and her work in the infirmary (where - unless someone is hurt or needs attention - she can mostly be found sorting through supplies and keeping the clinic area neat). She heads out onto the deck most evenings, where she breaks her habit of hugging the side of the Barge and sitting on the safe, solid floor - she stands right at the railing, looking out at the stars.

She starts out taking all this about as well as can be expected - she's down in the dumps, but she knows life will go on. Then she begins to find herself wandering through the hallways on levels 4 and 7, hesitating in front of 4-19 and and 7-11 - Mason and Merlin's old rooms, respectively. Their doors are blank now, of course, but that doesn't stop her from standing in front of them for minutes at a time, like she's waiting for someone to come out. As the days go on, this becomes more and more common, and her stops become longer and longer. Eventually, they'll start lasting for hours. She won't connect it to her use of the Admiral powers or any other outside influences right away, but for anyone else that does, she's clearly very, very affected. Her loss of her friends and the Barge's loss of its inmates have become inexorably linked in her mind, and it's quickly turning into an obsessive fixation.]
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filtered to Dillon, Iris, Mason, and Simon )


[Later, after finishing visiting with and giving her news to the above people, Tiffany sets herself up to make a public announcement. She sits cross-legged on her bed, turns on the recorder... and suddenly realizes that she has no idea how she wants to say this.]


... There's a Bible verse that I like. It goes like this: "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

[She isn't reading it off of anything; she's memorized it. Considering the last verse she took the time to memorize was about smiting God's enemies for Him, this is an improvement.]

If you know me much at all you probably know I'm a big believer in God. And when I first learned about Him, it was the best deal I ever heard of. I'd never been a part of anything before; never been in anybody's fold. But here I was, learning about somebody who'd love me, and give me a reason to be - I wanted that, you know? Who wouldn't? Feeling like you're loved is the nicest thing.

But then I came here, and I learned that being loved is only part of what's important. You gotta love back, honestly and truly. And I do. I have met the most amazing people and made the most amazing friends, and I wouldn't trade any of you for anything. I told Dr. Cambridge a while ago that I got a lot of hate in my heart sometimes, and that's true. I used to like showing it around a lot. But on the Barge I learned that I got a lot of love in my heart too, and I like showing that around even more.

So what I really meant to say is that I graduated, and it's 'cause of y'all, and I love you very much. Even the people I don't like I kind of love a little bit right now.

[She almost adds Except Arthas here, but bites her tongue.]

But especially the people I like; the people who have helped me. And some of you feel the same way and some of you don't, and that's okay, because love is not self-seeking and me feeling it is enough.


I'm gonna stay. I'm gonna be a warden. It's kinda scary to me, but I'm doing it. I don't always like how it is on the Barge and last month I was thinking maybe I'd leave, but... I can't do that. It's like my home, now.

That's all.

[And she ends the feed.]


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